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“We have to go back.”

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Mr. Fahrenheit, formerly known as The Variety Show, was formed in early 2008. After being on hiatus for over a year as The Variety Show, the band as a whole wanted to move forward and away from their former style of music. Tremendously influenced by seeing a Portugal. The Man show in San Diego, the band returned to the music scene as Mr. Fahrenheit in 2010.

Originally, Mr. Fahrenheit consisted of Chad Codina (vocals, keys), Justin David Norman (rhythm guitar, lead guitar), Art Anda (Drums), Ryan Codina (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), and Charles Garrison (Bass). In late 2010, Charles Garrison enlisted in the Coast Guard and Art Anda took over bass. The band welcomed newcomer Christien Parello as the new drummer for Mr. Fahrenheit in April of 2011.

Mr. Fahrenheit draws influences from a variety of different bands that include Incubus, Muse, Gatsbys American Dream, and This Providence. The band has played at several venues all around San Diego, including Soma Mainstage, the Epicentre, and Canes. They have opened up and played alongside bands that include: The New Nostalgic, Stereo Summer, A Dull Science, and Republic of Letters.

Mr. Fahrenheit will be booking shows throughout the summer of 2011, right into the fall. You can be sure to check them out at Reverbnation and Bandcamp for tour updates and shows.


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